Shooting Investigation Leads Police To Possible Terror Plot

Four shooting suspects, possibly involved in a terrorist plot disappear.
The getaway car is discovered four days later at a major U.S. airport.
Handwritten notes describing acts of terrorism and bombings are found inside the car.
Little if any press coverage


A search warrant filed in Hennepin County connects a shooting investigation to a possible terror plot.

According to court documents, four Somali teenage males were riding in a cab on June 24 the same night a man was shot in the chest around 9:00 p.m.

Video surveillance at the Glendale Housing Projects captured the cab fleeing near the scene of the shooting.

Police were able to identify the taxicab and located the vehicle at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport four days later.

Inside the cab, police found a handwritten note describing acts of terrorism and bombings.

Police questioned an 18-year-old relative of the cab owner who confessed to being the driver of cab on June 24.

Minneapolis Police turned the terrorism note over to federal authorities and said they will “Further aid in their investigation of possible acts of terrorism against Unites States.”


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