Terrorists Could Launch Satellite Strikes In 12 Years

The Defense Intelligence Agency believes that terrorists could be able to “disrupt” American satellites by 2020 and that states like China could have “robust destructive capabilities” in space around the same time. The question is, how good are the Pentagon’s spies at figuring out our enemies’ space programs, really?

In a presentation obtained by DANGER ROOM, Randy Jones, the associate technical director of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Missile & Space Intelligence Center, warned that terror groups could use lasers, radio frequency jammers, and even nuclear weapons to knock out U.S. satellites. Countries like China might launch anti-satellite [ASAT] ballistic missiles or position weapons in orbit. These states might be “hesitant,” at first, to start blasting American orbiters, Jones observes, “but [would] probably be willing under appropriate conditions” to attack.

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