MRE’s, Emergency Supplies Selling Fast As Economy Worries Set In



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Some are hunkering down for the economic apocalypse. Others say they are merely stocking up on essentials for a worst-case scenario. In Marysville and across the country September’s financial disasters have been driving Americans into survival supply stores for Meals Ready-to-Eat, and other emergency goods for long-term storage.

“I’ve been selling ammo cans by the pallet,” says Tom King, owner of Sutter Surplus Sales on D Street.

Many of his customers, he says, “are gearing up to raise their own food and put up security fences. They’re telling me to be ready.”

“Granted,” he says, “they are the extremists.”

But precautionary measures are no longer the domain of survivalist regulars.

After the S&P 500’s blue-chip index lost 9 percent on Monday — the biggest one-day percentage drop since 1987’s Black Monday — Campbell Soup Co. stood tall as the lone sell-off survivor. That fact left one financial strategist, quoted in U.S. News & World Report, to quip, “If you have no confidence in your banking system … the only thing you can have confidence in is the ability to build a bunker.”

At the Ready Store, an Online operation based in Salt Lake City, water filters are at a premium. So are MREs, a key food source for military personnel during training and combat deployments.

“In the last two weeks,” says Jonathan Dick, the company’s sales and marketing manager, “we’ve sold 200 percent above normal levels in just about everything.”

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