FBI DHS Warn of Potential Terror Attacks On Public Buildings

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security today issued an analytical “note” to U.S. law-enforcement officials cautioning that al-Qaida terrorists have in the past expressed interest in attacking public buildings using a dozen suicide bombers each carrying 20 kilograms of explosives.

Authors with the U.S. Office of Intelligence and Analysis added that they have “no credible or specific information that terrorists are planning operations against public buildings in the United States.” The FBI and DHS analysts said they were releasing the note because “it is important for local authorities and building owners and operators to be aware of potential attack tactics.”

According to the note obtained by NBC News, a “recently discovered audio recording of al-Qa‘ida training sessions conducted several years ago provides instruction to potential suicide terrorists on seizing a publicly accessible building and damaging or destroying it with explosive charges.”

Among the materials on a CD–ROM seized earlier this year by Belgian authorities and provided to Interpol, the note said, “is a detailed audio explanation by now-deceased senior al-Qa‘ida operative Yousef al-Ayeeri of a method taught in an al-Qa‘ida training camp for attacking a publicly accessible building. Interpol believes the Arabic-language recording was made shortly before al-Ayeeri’s death in 2003.”


What To Do If You Spot Suspicious Terrorist Activity

If you see suspicious behavior, do not confront the individuals involved.

Take note of the details:

S – Size (Jot down the number of people, gender, ages, and physical descriptions)

A – Activity (Describe exactly what they are doing)

L – Location (Provide exact location)

U – Uniform (Describe what they are wearing, including shoes)

T – Time (Provide date, time, and duration of activity)

E – Equipment (Describe vehicle, make, color etc., license plate, camera, guns, etc)

Suspicious activity is often recalled after an event. We must train ourselves to be on the lookout for things that are out of the ordinary and arouse suspicions.

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