C.diff – New Superbug A Big Threat to Hospital Patients

C.diff Superbug Threat

C.diff Superbug Threat

Move over MRSA. A new superbug is popping up in hospitals across the country. It’s called C.Diff and it’s spreading through hospitals and health care facilities, and it’s proving to be more aggressive than the MRSA bug.

According to Dr. Daniel Perlman, president of Infectious Society of America’s Colorado chapter, 100,000 people die annually in the United States from infections they acquire in the hospital. Eighteen to 20 thousand of those fatalities die from these bacteria.

Clostridium Difficile, known as C.Diff is a toxic bacteria that causes diarrhea. It is resistant to antibiotics.

“It’s a significant problem and it’s been increasing in the past few years,” says Dr. Perlman.

C.Diff’s resistance to antibiotics allows it to spread easily through hospital. In fact, the drugs can actually increase the risk of getting the bug. “Those antibiotics for their infection kill the bacteria that are normal in the bowel and C.Diff bacteria starts growing in the bowel,” Dr. Perlman says.

The toxic bacteria can easily be spread from person to person and is found on high-touch surfaces, like elevator buttons, sinks, bed and hand rails and doors. The bacteria transfer from your hands, to your mouth and enter your body.

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