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8.8 Earthquake East Coast of Honshu Japan

UPDATES: A tsunami watch was issued for the coasts of Oregon, Washington and California as well as parts of Alaska. A wave could hit just before 7:30 a.m. Friday but scientists hadn’t worked out yet the size of the possible wave.



The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii says a tsunami warning is in effect for a large swath of the Pacific after a magnitude 8.8 earthquake hit Japan.

A tsunami warning was in effect for Japan, Russia, Marcus Island and the Northern Marianas. A tsunami watch has been issued for Guam, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and U.S. state of Hawaii.


Reports are coming in that Japan has just had an 8.8 earthquake.

A powerful earthquake has struck off Japan, shaking buildings in Tokyo for several minutes and forcing people out of their homes, witnesses said.

Japan issued its most serious tsunami warning, saying a wave as high as 6m (20ft) could strike the coast near Miyagi prefecture.


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