3 Story Brooklyn Brownstone Part Of NYPD Anti-Terror Plan

The tidy, three-story brownstone looks like any other on the cobblestone block in Brooklyn, but it isn’t. It’s a fake, leading directly to the belly of the nation’s largest subway system.

The unmarked emergency exit behind the facade is one of many posts protected by beat cops defending the city against bombings or other terror attacks in the city’s intricate underground mass transit network.

Since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, officials at the nation’s largest police department insist the city remains the nation’s No. 1 terror target, devoting extra resources to protecting Wall Street, the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge and other high-profile potential targets.

But perhaps the biggest worry – spurred by the recent bombing in Moscow and a foiled plot in New York in which a fourth arrest was revealed Monday – is the subway, a porous, 24-hour-a-day system with 468 stations and an average of 5 million riders a day.

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There is nothing phony about New York City’s efforts to protect the subway system, except of course the three story Brooklyn brownstone that masquerades as a home, but is really an unmarked emergency exit that leads to the heart of the subway system.

The location is used by police to enter and exit the system and needs round the clock protection and surveillance.

The recent bombing in Moscow and the busted plot to blow up the New York City subway system has increased the concern of law enforcement officials in their battle to blanket a day and night system that carries an average 5 million riders a day through 468 stations.


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