al-Qaeda – A Wounded But Very Dangerous Enemy

Although intelligence analysts may differ as to al Qaeda’s strength, influence and operational status, there is one thing most agree on, al Qaeda is still very dangerous and poses a great threat to the US.

The Washington Post has more.

In the past six weeks, Americans have witnessed two jarringly different but completely accurate views of al-Qaeda’s terrorist network. One image was that of terrorist leaders being hunted down and killed by satellite-guided, pilotless aircraft. The other was of an agile foe slipping past U.S. defenses and increasingly intent on striking inside the United States.

New assessments of al-Qaeda by the top U.S. counterterrorism experts offer grounds for both optimism and concern a year after President Obama took office. Officials say al-Qaeda’s ability to wage mass-casualty terrorism has been undercut by relentless U.S. attacks on the network’s leadership, finances and training camps. But even in its weakened state, the group has shifted tactics to focus on small-scale operations that are far harder to detect and disrupt, analysts say.

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