al Qaeda Terror Pair Hunted By Authorites – Report

American security forces last night were reportedly searching for a two-man al-Qaeda team about to attack according to a report appearing on the News website. The report states experts think the terrorists from Yemen are on their way, but that they could also already be in the country.

This report has not been confirmed by US sources or authorities.

The report serves as an important reminder. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your eyes open for unusual activity, especially when traveling or at public events and locations. If you notice suspicious activity report it immediately.

What To Do If You Spot Suspicious Terrorist Activity

If you see suspicious behavior, do not confront the individuals involved.

Take note of the details:

S – Size (Jot down the number of people, gender, ages, and physical descriptions)

A – Activity (Describe exactly what they are doing)

L – Location (Provide exact location)

U – Uniform (Describe what they are wearing, including shoes)

T – Time (Provide date, time, and duration of activity)

E – Equipment (Describe vehicle, make, color etc., license plate, camera, guns, etc)

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