Alleged Terrorist Confirms Plans To Launch Chemical Attacks Across Pakistan

The confession of alleged terrorist Raziuddin Naser has confirmed that jehadis are planning to launch large-scale chemical strikes across the country.

Naser was nabbed in Goa early this year when he was trying to hijack a tanker containing 20,000 litres of hydrogen peroxide.

Documents available with MiD DAY indicate that Naser had undergone 45 days of extensive training in the use of destructive chemicals at Dera Ismail Khan in Karachi, Pakistan in November last year.

Forty other trainees also underwent similar training in Pakistan. Naser told officials in Mumbai that he was also taught how to use hydrogen peroxide – one of the most commonly available chemicals – to carry out blasts in the country.

A senior Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) officer said terrorists are changing from explosives like RDX to locally available chemicals so that they are not linked to militant organisations across the border. “It is intended to give a more local look to the sinister plans,” he added.

The police have launched a massive manhunt for the 40 jehadis. The police suspect that Abdus Shuban Qureshi alias Dr Taufique Billal could be the man behind the planned chemical strikes. “Taufique is a master in the use of chemical and computer software,” informed a senior ATS officer.

Incidentally, Toufique has been named the key mastermind in the Ahmedabad blasts.


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