Are Terrorists Plotting New Attacks On US and Europe?

UPDATE: There’s been a number of rumors over the past several months that terrorists may use the ‘lull’ between the election and the new President entering office to launch an attack either on US soil or against US interests.

In course with a number of al Qaeda’s manifests of targeting the west, the current financial crisis may instigate attacks that will target some aspect of financial importance whether it be maritime shipping lines, any one of the world-wide stock exchanges, physical financial institutions, energy sources (oil) or other infrastructure.

TAM-C analysts have picked up chatter on jihadi websites in both western and Arab countries, about their contentment that western financial stability is compromised.


According to the website, Islamic terrorist operatives may be dispatched, in place, and ready to execute a terror operation inside the U.S. and/or Europe

The article cites a disturbing communication discovered on a high level Arabic language forum. The post apparently suggests that some type of terrorist operation is now underway, targeting sites within the U.S. and Europe.

According to the website, information developed within the last 24 hours by a deep-cover intelligence operative, Islamic terrorists have been dispatched and may be in place, preparing to execute unspecified terrorist attacks.

Neither the targets nor the types of attacks were able to be identified from an analysis of the communications, although it appears possible that the European and American operations could be conducted in tandem. Also unclear is the timetable of potential attacks, although the wording pertaining to the “anticipated celebration” of the success of such attacks suggests that they will be carried out within the next few days.

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Rusty, over at The Jawa Report reports a similar story.

“Al Qaeda” Warns of Sleeper Cell WMD Attack Against Texas

The al-Yaqin Media Center purportedly interviewed an al Qaeda soldier and then posted the transcripts to jihadi forums. The Nine Eleven Foundation has released a translation of it.

In the interview, the al Qaeda member claims that there are sleeper cells in the United States made up of Muslims of European decent and who are prepared to attack at any moment. He also claims that al Qaeda continues to seek WMD, implies that they already have them, and that “Texas is in our sight!”.

Time to evacuate Texas? Magic 8-ball says no.

Western intelligence has confirmed that al Qaeda does continue to seek WMD. They’ve also been public about their fears of Europeans in the al Qaeda organization carrying out attacks on the West. But the rest is just bluster.

Inactive sleeper cells in Houston that have been here since before 9/11, who have dirty bombs, and who are just waiting for the go-ahead from Osama bin Laden to kill tens of thousands of Texans? Not likely.

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