As-Sahab – Osama bin Laden To Send New Message To Europe

SITE Intelligence Group has learned that a new message is forthcoming from Usama bin Laden, the head of Al-Qaeda, addressing the European people. The message is produced by As-Sahab, the multimedia arm of Al-Qaeda. The announcement of this impending released was posted to jihadist forums today, Monday, November 26, 2007.

It carried the statement,”Soon, God willing, (we will post) a new message to the European people from the lion Imam who defeated the Americans and tyrants, Sheikh Osama bin Laden,” said the pro-al Qaeda Web site which regularly posts messages from the militant leader.

“Let this message be posted by various Western Web sites so that we deliver to them the truth of their lost war and (confront) them with the purposely hidden fact,” it said, adding that the message was produced by al Qaeda media arm As-Sahab.

It did not give any further details.

The Web site did not give a specific timeframe, but usually messages are released within 72 hours after they are announced.

Bin Laden’s last message was released on October 22. The Saudi-born militant then urged unity between Iraq’s Sunni rebels.

SITE Institute

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