Updated: Bomb, backpack, T-shirts analyzed at FBI testing laboratory

UPDATE: The F.B.I. has sent the bomb and backpack in Monday’s bomb scare to Quantico, Virginia. It is the site of the F.B.I.’s state-of-the-art testing laboratory.

Every piece of evidence the F.B.I. finds at a crime scene is sent to Quantico. Anything from bombs to fingerprints are processed at the facility. The same agents who investigate improvised explosive devices found overseas will process the bomb and backpack found at Washington and Main in Downtown Spokane.

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A backpack found along the route of the Martin Luther King Jr. march in Spokane contained a bomb “capable of inflicting multiple casualties,” the FBI said Tuesday, describing the case as “domestic terrorism. “The FBI said the Swiss Army-brand backpack was found about 9:25 a.m. PST on Monday on a bench at the northeast corner of North Washington Street and West Main Avenue in downtown Spokane.

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From The NY Times

The package, found before the morning march, prompted law enforcement to ask march officials to change their route and several businesses to evacuate as investigators sent in bomb-smelling dogs, a robot and specially trained officers.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said the bomb was neutralized at the scene. It was found on a bench at North Washington Street and West Main Avenue.

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From ABC’s The Blotter

A suspicious backpack left along a Martin Luther King Day parade route in Spokane, Wash., held a radio-controlled pipe bomb that could have sprayed shrapnel at marchers in the parade.

Three parade workers spotted a backpack with visible wires on a bench at North Washington Street and West Main Avenue in downtown Spokane about 30 minutes before the parade was scheduled to begin Monday. Authorities rerouted the parade while officers from the Spokane Police Department’s bomb disposal unit worked on the bomb.

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