Bin Laden Tried To Watch 9/11 Bombings Live on TV

The UK’s Telegraph reports Osama bin Laden tried and failed to set up a satellite TV link-up on the day of the September 11 attacks from his Afghan hideout to watch the strikes as they happened, according to his former bodyguard.

Nasser al Bahri, 37, who now preaches against the fanaticism of the Islamist network, said his former master had requested a satellite dish to be installed in his hideout in Kandahar. “He asked for satellite TV to be able to follow the bombing,” he said.

However, due to the rugged, mountainous terrain, he was not able to get a signal and so failed to view the planes striking the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York.

“It is very important that we are able to watch the news today,” he told his media chief, Hassan al-Bahloul.

Mr al Bahri also claims that the al-Qaeda leader is still alive and well.

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