Counter-Terrorism: Jackpot Fever Threatens Bin Laden

Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden

Recently, U.S. UAVs made three attacks in one day in Pakistan’s tribal territories. The Hellfire missiles were hitting targets in North Waziristan, where Taliban and al Qaeda forces are taking shelter with Pushtun tribes that are, at best, neutral in the war between the Pakistani government and the Pakistani Taliban. One of the dead terrorists is believed to be a key leader, Hussein al-Yemeni. He was believed as the planner for the attack on a CIA base across the border last December, which killed seven CIA personnel.

Pakistani and American intelligence is getting a lot more information out of North Waziristan, as the local tribal leaders are reluctant to go looking for informers, and tribesmen are less fearful about providing (for a fee) information. The tribal leaders fear that the army could still advance into North Waziristan, and after seeing how badly the Taliban were beaten in South Waziristan, and elsewhere in the tribal territories, they really want to avoid another round of fighting.

Thus the U.S. is getting more target information for their UAVs, which are seen constantly over the area. Pakistani aircraft are also up there lot, but they rarely open fire.

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