Denver Terror Plot Suspect May Be Looking To Cut Deal

UPDATED 10:33 PST 09/18/09

The New York Daily News is doing an incredible job reporting rapidly unfolding developments in a terror investigation that stretches from Denver Colorado to Queens New York. Today’s reports from the Daily News include the following items of interest:

  • Lawyers for Najibullah Zazi are negotiating with federal officials for an agreement where he could admit receiving military training,but deny plans to injure any Americans
  • Two men were picked up Thursday for questioning in New York, but then released.
  • The Fbi is still following several of those involved and they know they are being followed.
  • When the probe began this week 5 Colorado men cited as members of the cell were under a round-the-clock watch. That number had risen to as many as 12.

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UPDATE: The operative told Zazi what to say if stopped by police, and there is also a reference to a “wedding,” which American agents believe is a code word for an attack.

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