DHS Completes Incident Planning for Moscow-like Attack

Homeland Security Incident Planning Completed

Homeland Security Incident Planning Completed

DHS has identified 15 hypothetical terrorist attack scenarios, but has completed the incident planning work on only one of those scenarios – referred to as “Terrorist Use of Explosives” – which happens to be the scenario that so-called “Black Widow” female Chechnyan suicide bombers appear to have followed when they detonated explosives in two subway stations in Moscow during the morning rush hour on March 29.

In a report entitled, DHS’ Progress in Federal Incident Management Planning, the department’s inspector general summarized 15 different modes of attack that could occur, and assessed the progress by DHS in developing the strategic guidance statement, strategic plan, concept plan and operations plan for coping with each type of potential attack.

via DHS has completed incident planning for a Moscow-like explosive attack | Government Security News.

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