El Al Plane Flies From Paris to Tel Aviv Despite Bomb Threat

An El Al flight from Paris landed in Tel Aviv without incident on Wednesday after having been the subject of a bomb threat — days before it took off, Israeli television reported.

Public television reported that the Israeli airline had received an email saying a bomb would be on board Flight 324 leaving Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris on Wednesday.

It said that after consultations between El Al and Shin Beth, Israel’s security service, a decision was taken not to cancel the flight.

It added that, before takeoff, the Boeing 767 and its 237 passengers were subjected to stepped-up security checks and that the French authorities, who had been informed of the threat, ordered an escort of fighter planes.

Italy and Greece also ordered escorts as the plane passed over their territory before being intercepted by Israeli fighters and escorted to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport.

After landing, the plane was subjected to further checks, and no bomb was found.

Officials at El Al were not immediately available for comment on the report.

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