Goose Creek Terror Case – USF Student’s Brother Caught Sending “Sinister” Coded Signals

An odd video raises new questions about the USF students involved in the Goose Creek terror case. Ahmed Mohamed and Yousef Megahed are already charged with driving explosives across state lines. Now prosecutors say Megahed’s brother Yehia, was caught sending a sinister code through a closed circuit jail-house camera.

In the video captured on closed circuit cameras in the jail where Megahed is being held, Megaheds brother clearly appears to be sending disturbing signals and some type of sign language.

Prosecutors are arguing that this tape alone should be enough to keep him in jail however they also argue that Megahed is dangerous and a flight risk.

When questioned about the coded signals outside the jail, Youseffs brother said he finds the video “funny” and that they have had a good laugh.

Prosecutors say the signals being given were a “sinister” code that they have broken, but they are not saying what it means.

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And there is more… As agents dug deeper into the men’s background, they found troubling information.

Among the discoveries:

In July, Mohamed posted a video on YouTube that explained how to transform a toy remote controlled car into a detonator, Hoffer said. The 12-minute video is narrated by a man speaking Arabic with an Egyptian accent. It shows no face, only hands.

Megahed recently purchased a .22-caliber rifle and had inquired about a Berreta handgun. Agents found the rifle inside a storage shed, along with welding and scuba diving equipment.

Megahed had joined a shooting range.

Megahed also had “multiple Egyptian passports” and went to Sears in late July to get more passport-sized photos. There were two passports for Megahed with two different names.

Was this enough for the judge to not allow bail? Apparently not.

The judge found the evidence to be “strong” but not “overwhelming” enough to prove Megahed was a dangerous flight risk that must be jailed until trial. “I do agree that he poses danger,” she said.

She ordered him to post $200,000 bail, to remain at his family’s home, and to leave only for religious services and to meet with his attorneys. His family also was required to consent to a search at any time.

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