Inauguration Day Terror Threat A Ruse?

Somali Man Arrested Crossing Canadian Border

So was there a threat or not?  According to one report, the inauguration day terror threat was a ruse.

Inauguration Terror Threat Debunked

A potential terror threat just before last week’s presidential inauguration turned out to be a ruse, a top military commander said Tuesday.

However, Gen. Gene Renuart, chief of U.S. Northern Command, warned that ongoing security concerns still face the Obama administration during its early days.

Renuart, the military commander in charge of domestic defense, said reports pointing to a possible threat from an East Africa terrorist group were the result of claims by another faction and turned out to be untrue.

“It was more a function of two factions who didn’t like each other setting the other up,” Renuart said. He did not identify the other faction.

But Was It A Ruse?

Rusty at The Jawa Report highlights a few recent “coincidences

A) Homeland Security announces an non-specific threat against President Obama from Somalia’s al Qaeda affiliate, the al-Shebaab. Possibly a threat conveyed through the internet?

B) The al Shebaab’s U.S. hosted website was ordered shut down by the federal government, after over a year of operating openly.

C) 15 Somalians, some of them reported as American citizens and the rest reported as living in the United States for some time, were recently arrested in Somaliland

Coincidence?  Maybe, but Rusty says his gut says no and the following story from MyFox Twin Cities suggests there may be a few more dots to connect.

U.S. Officials: Minnesota Somali Man a Possible Threat on Inauguration Day

With the inauguration of President Barack Obama in the past, U.S. officials are reporting information about possible threats on the day of the ceremony by a Minnesota Somali man.

U.S. intelligence was reportedly investigating a potential inauguration threat involving a Somali insurgent group. They believed one man to be connected with the missing Somali men from Minnesota.

48 hours before the inauguration, U.S. customs agents arrested the 32-year-old Bile Abdullahi, a resident alien from Minnesota, at the Canadian border near Detroit.

According to federal charges, Abdullahi was trying to sneak into Canada using his brother’s U.S. passport. Both Bile Abdullahi and his brother are from Minneapolis, and until recently lived in the Cedar Riverside apartment complex.

Abdullahi told officials he was going to Canada for a vacation, but intelligence officials fear it could’ve been some kind of dress rehearsal for leaving the country in a hurry.

Fox News has learned Abdullahi’s arrest was just part of the intelligence that led to a cryptic warning.

The FBI and Homeland Security were investigating information about a potential threat on inauguration day.The information was of limited specificity and uncertain credibility.

The threat reportedly involved Al Shabaab, an Al-Qaeda connected radical Muslim group, operating terror training camps in Somalia.

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