It’s A Disaster… and What Are You Going To Do About It

No matter where you live there is a chance some type of disaster or emergency can (or at some time will) occur. Whether it s terrorism, a flood, fire, hurricane, a chemical spill forcing an evacuation, biological attack or other emergency, it’s best to prepare BEFORE an actual crisis.

The question is … what are YOU gonna do about it?

IT’S A DISASTER!… helps families and businesses be aware, be prepared, and have a plan for most types of emergencies and disasters. The 268-page paperback from Bill and Janet Liebsch at Fedhealth provides quick-reference instructional bullets in 2-color format. It is not written to alarm people, rather it suggests informative and practical advice on what you should think about and do before, during and after specific types of crisis or disaster scenarios.

It’s A Disaster is an indispensable book and one of our favorites at NTA.

Individual Copies

Bulk or Customized Copies for your group,school,agency or organization

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