Live Grenade Brought Into Detroit Receiving Hospital Emergency Room By Man

The emergency room at Detroit Receiving Hospital was given the “all clear” Saturday after a man tried to enter the hospital with what police said was a live grenade.

Bomb squads and police cleared out the ER and secured the hospital after the man was taken into custody.

Police said a man came to the ER claiming he needed medical attention, and when he went through the metal detectors they went off.

When a security guard went to check the man with a metal detector wand, he pulled out a device that resembled a grenade with the pin out, police said.

Hospital security guards wrestled the man to the ground and found that he had another grenade with the pin in it. The bomb squad safely took the devices and secured the hospital.

Police said the man is in custody and is undergoing evaluation.

One of the security guards suffered from a fractured ankle.

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