Man Flashed CIA ID Card Before Being Shot By Houston Police

The man Houston police fatally shot after an hourlong chase Tuesday had shown a card identifying him as a CIA employee to officers who stopped him earlier for speeding, authorities said Wednesday.

“He (the officer) did not know what federal credentials looked like,” said Capt. Steve Jett, with Houston Police Department’s homicide division. “They look authentic, but you can do a lot of things with a computer.”

Officers shot and killed 52-year-old Roland Vincent Carnaby, saying they feared for their lives when he reached under the seat of his Jeep sport utility vehicle after the chase had ended and he’d gotten out of his car.

The shiny object that Carnaby was apparently reaching for was a personal assistant-cellular phone, Jett said Wednesday.

Officers found three weapons inside the Jeep after it was impounded. One pistol was under the passenger-side floor mat while a second was between the seats. A pistol-grip shotgun was on the floor board of the back seat.

“We believe they are all legal,” Jett said. “We have no reason to believe he didn’t own them.”

Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt also reiterated that he had no connection — personal or professional — with Carnaby.

“I didn’t recall his name or realize who he was until I saw his photo” on the news, Hurtt said.

A photograph of the two men was taken at an HPD ball within the last year or so, Hurtt said.

“I’ve taken pictures with probably another thousand Houstonians in the last four years,” Hurtt said.

Who Carnaby was remains a mystery to many.

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