Man Who Threatened to Blow up Greyhound Bus Subdued

Passengers aboard a Greyhound bus subdued a man who threatened to blow up an eastbound bus on Interstate 10, about 50 miles east of Quartzite. Aaron Nathaniel L’Hoir, 47, boarded the bus in Quartzite with 47 other passengers. About 8 p.m. Saturday, the Arizona Department of Public Safety received a phone call saying that L’Hoir claimed to have a bomb, said Sgt. Kevin Wood.

“The caller stated there was a man on the bus who had threatened to blow the bus up with a bomb,” said Wood, a DPS spokesman. “While that was happening, some passengers on the bus were able to subdue this man without injuring him or themselves.”Bus No. 4079 was en route from Los Angeles to Phoenix when it stopped on I-10 about 65 miles from the California/Arizona state line.No passengers were injured as they were evacuated and the DPS Explosives Ordinance Disposal team moved in to search the bus, Wood said.”They did a sweep of the bus from front to back, top to bottom, and made sure there was no explosive device and no weapons,” Wood said.

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