Mexican Boy Age 12 Wanted in Gruesome Cartel Killings

Fox News reports a sadistic drug-gang hitman is wanted for carrying out a series of horrific killings in Mexico — and he’s only 12 years old.

The boy — known only as El Ponchis, or The Cloak — is suspected to be the paid executioner for a cartel locked in a war for control of the lucrative cocaine trade. He is believed to have tortured and slaughtered dozens of gangland enemies.

The boy’s trademark murders involve slitting the throats of victims with a deep cutting technique known as Degollar, which leaves the head hanging by a thread, and grisly videos circulating on the Internet show victims having their throats slashed.

Another clip shows him battering a man with a club bearing the initials SPC, short for South Pacific Drug Cartel.

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