Mexican Drug Cartels Reported To Be Using IEDs

Cartels Using IEDs

KRGV Channel 5 News reports the Mexican military seized improvised explosive devices just miles from the Valley. The IEDs (or roadside bombs) are the same weapons terrorists use in the Middle East.

The homemade explosives can be sophisticated or crude. They’re often deadly. They’ve killed troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS learned the weapons are also in the hands of the drug cartels in Mexico.

On March 30, more than 50 cartel members attacked the Mexican military in Matamoros and Reynosa. Eighteen people died.

Soldiers seized 50 rifles, 60 hand grenades, and eight IEDs.

“The seizure of the IEDs is definitely worrisome,” says a Latin American tactical analyst for STRATFOR, a private intelligence agency.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS traveled to Austin to meet with the analyst. We concealed his identity for security reasons.

“The construction of the devices that we’ve seen are similar to crude devices that are being used in Afghanistan and Iraq,” he tells us.

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