Mumbai Under Terror Attack – Live Coverage

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Mumbai Terror Attack: Hotels, hospital, bus stands, cinema halls attacked.

Top police officials have been killed by terrorists in Mumbai. Taj Hotel reported on fire.

Attack is ongoing and can be seen live here

This is a major terror attack. Terrorists are reported to be moving through city in emergency vehicles and staging multiple attacks. Shootings, explosions and other attacks are taking place throughout the city.

There are reports of hostages being held at several locations. Americans and other westerners are reportedly being rounded up by terrorists in several hotels.

All security personal are being called up but are still overwhelmed by the scope of the terror attack.


At least 15 people are reported to have been killed and more than 20 are reported injured as unidentified groups of gunmen opened fire in at least four places across south Mumbai on Wednesday night. Mumbai police confirm it is a terrorist attack.


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