Nemo The Terrorist Librarian

As the war on terror continues to infiltrate the blogosphere, an increasing presence in the jihadi movement is a virtual terrorist who uses the nom de guerre Nemo.

Nemo a name snatched from the title character of the 2003 Disney/Pixar movie “Finding Nemo” has compiled a comprehensive archive of virtual terrorist training manuals and posted them all online.
In the past, many of these manuals and guidebooks, which contain hundreds of thousands of documents and offer would-be jihadis step-by-step guides on ways to hone their skills, were scattered across many Web sites and domains.

But Nemo regularly posts his findings among a network of some 25 radical bulletin boards, lobbying the al Qaeda cause to select Internet users. He’s now the ultimate “Jihobbyist,” according to Jarret Brachman, a fellow with the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.

“For Nemo, producing Al Qaeda propaganda has become a way of life,” Brachman said. “He has compiled so much relevant, ideological material and made it so widely available, that thinking of him as a simple propagandist would be understating the contribution that he’s made for groups like Al Qaeda.”

Documents and videos posted online and reviewed by give detailed instructions for:

— Firing rocket propelled grenades,

— Pinpointing the most vulnerable armor on military vehicles;

— Making improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and roadside bombs;

— Manufacturing explosives using household chemicals.

In one of Nemo’s Web postings, found a document, written in English, that describes the science behind building a nuclear bomb — how to detonate it, the damage done by various yields of uranium or plutonium, and when and how to attach fuses to the detonating charge.



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