Newly Formed Terrorist Group Busted In Pakistan – Had Plans To Target Charity Groups

Ten members of the newly formed Tehreek Islami Lashkar-e-Mohammadi were arrested Friday with weapons, explosives, chemicals and poison, Jihadi literature, and hit lists of high-profile people, politicians, international and national NGOs and police officials. The organization is anti-Semitic.

The group apparently wanted to target charity groups for what they say are links to the Free Masons and other groups.

The also reportedly had information about the members of a rotary club.

The police recovered: 3 submachine guns, one 0.223 rifle, two TT pistols, four hand grenades, 30 detonators, two local bombs, black explosive rope, orange detonating cord, five kilogram petroleum jelly, five kilogram glycerin, five walkie talkies, ten kilogram RDX, fifteen kilogram readymade explosives in a drum, 48 CDs, maps, hundreds of bullets, a personal telephone diary of deceased Dr Hameedullah, two snatched motorcycles, hit lists.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – 10 men plotting to kill, bomb, destruct arrested

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