Panel Recommends Changes To Color-coded Terror Alert

Whew…. After a 60-day review of the nation’s terror-alert system, a special task force is expected to recommend that the Obama administration keep color-coded alerts, but reduce the number of colors (possibly to 3 colors) or levels of risk.

Currently our NTARC  “Live Alert” is featured on over 50,000 web pages. If you have the advisory on your website, you will not need to make any changes. We will design the new alert to fit within the same area on your site. We are also planning to take this opportunity and design a couple of updated alerts with additional social media features, once DHS determines the new colors and look.

There are currently five colors in the coded terrorism advisories, long derided by late night TV comics and portrayed by some Democrats as a tool for Bush administration political manipulation.

From Secretary Napolitano

Secretary Napolitano believes the American people deserve an alert system that is effective and trusted. She thanks the task force for its hard work on this important issue. The Secretary looks forward to reading the report and sharing its recommendations with the White House and other Cabinet officials so that appropriate follow-up action can be taken.

To view the task force report, Click Here

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