ITRR Warns Of Possible Large Scale Terror Attack

The following information has been communicated to National Terror Alert. There has been no confirmation from U.S. Intelligence, Law Enforcement or Dept. of Homeland Security sources regarding the credibility or seriousness of this threat at this time.

An increased state of alertness is urged. Please report any and all suspicious behavior to local law enforcement or the FBI.

From: The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response

Date: 16 July 2008; 1530

Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center (TAM-C) of the Institute of Terrorism Research and Respone:

Intent: To advise of an increased likelihood of large scale terror attack based on credible intercepted communications.

Threat Classification

SEVERE (Level 2) – Available intelligence and recent events indicate that terrorists have an established capability and current intent to mount an attack on the target and there is some additional information on the nature of the threat. It is assessed that an attack on the target is a priority for the terrorists and is likely to be mounted.


Arab language researchers of the Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center have intercepted communications from an organization closely associated with international terrorists, to include al Qaeda.

Previously intercepted communications from this organization has been proven over time to be reliable.

The communications indicated:

• Jihadist terror cells have been dispatched to an undisclosed location to execute a large scale attack.
• The report calls on everyone to pray for the operation’s success.
• For the reason of OpSec, the terrorist organization was not releasing this location of the attack

An analysis of this threat leads the TAM-C to believe that the large attack may include the Perisan Gulf states or Turkey.

Such an analysis is based on earlier communications isolating these regions and the need to target westerners or governments that support the United States in these regions.

Conclusion: This is a clear threat on an imminent attack, and all ITRR clients should take this threat seriously.

Security management professionals are encouraged to immediately assess their preparedness to detect, deter, mitigate, and respond to an act of terror.

Clients of the Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center have received detailed information and the relevant client case workers will receive information as intelligence unfolds.

Through 06 August 2008

The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response (ITRR) is an American and Israeli nonprofit corporation created to help organizations succeed and prosper in a world influenced by terrorism.

ITRR’s Israeli and American experts provide counter-terrorism training, seminars, and security specialization in dealing with threats such as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), suicide bombers, and other forms of international terror striking both the public and private sector.
ITRR’s US-based terror experts provide training seminars and expertise in dealing with domestic terrorism and eco-terror groups, including the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and the Earth Liberation Front (ELF).

The Institute of Terrorism Research and Response established the Targeted Actionable Monitoring Center (TAM-C) to provide accurate and actionable intelligence about potential security threats throughout the world. With a multilingual team of researchers and analysts, TAM-C gathers and provides intelligence on terrorist activities and plans, information on international hot-spots, historical “red-flag” dates, and real-time security alerts.

Operating under the auspices and with the resources of TAM-C, the Ground Truth Network leverages the ITRR’s international contacts and sources to provide real-time intelligence from the field. In this way, the Ground Truth Network keeps international corporations apprised of threats to their assets and personnel throughout the world.

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