Report Of Suspicious Device On Greyhound Bus

UPDATE: A nine-hour bomb scare aboard a Maine-to-New York Greyhound bus ended peacefully Thursday night when the lone remaining passenger walked off it with his hands over his head. The other 16 passengers and the driver had left the bus safely hours earlier.

Portsmouth Police Chief David Ferland said the man was being questioned and the incident was not terrorism-related.

“We do not believe this to be a terrorist event,” Ferland said at a late-night news conference during which he refused to answer questions. “We are considering this to be a localized event only.”

No details about the passenger were immediately released, and the bus remained parked in downtown Portsmouth being examined by the FBI and a bomb squad. The man could be a foreign national, as agents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were on the scene and there were reports an interpreter was needed to speak to him.

The chief said more information would be released Friday.


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Several streets in Portsmouth have been blocked off after a report of a suspicious device on a bus.

Police said the incident involved a Greyhound bus that was en route from Portland, Maine, to the Boston area. A 911 call was received from someone on the bus reporting a possible suspicious device.


Capt. Mike Schwartz said 17 passengers and one driver were still on the bus. There have been reports of a possible hostage situation, but Schwartz said he wasn't sure why the passengers hadn't left the bus.

A SWAT team was also at the scene, and several businesses in the area were evacuated. The FAA also instituted a 3-mile no-fly zone around the area.

Live Coverage – WMUR Manchester.

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