Subpoenas Issued for Fort Hood Documents

Senate Committee Demands Fort Hood Documents

Two top senators served the Obama administration Monday with subpoenas for information on the mass shooting at Fort Hood last November, claiming the administration’s stonewalling left them with no other choice.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., and Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine — respectively, the chairman and the ranking Republican on the Senate homeland security committee — notified Attorney General Eric Holder and Defense Secretary Robert Gates of the decision in a letter Monday.

They said the committee had sent four formal requests for information to the Pentagon and two to the Justice Department, and received little response.

“Our efforts have been met with delay, the production of little that was not already publicly available, and shifting reasons why the departments are withholding the documents and witnesses that we have requested,” they wrote. “Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to avoid reaching the conclusion that the departments simply do not want to cooperate with our investigation.”

They said the subpoenas were being issued “with great disappointment and reluctance.”

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