Some Thoughts on Jihad Jamie and Jihad Jane

homegrown terrorism

Homegrow Terrorism Threat Grows

Judging by what we know them so far, both of the white American female converts to Islam who were recently taken into custody Jihad Jane in the U.S., Jihad Jamie in Ireland were lonely, troubled indiduals see here and here. What’s becoming clear is that international jihadists are redoubling their efforts to recruit disaffected U.S. citizens via the Internet.

If these outcast types are white females who don’t fit the typical terrorist profile and are capable of slipping detection in Western countries, even better. If the “Jihad Chicks” as a friend labeled them this weekend weren’t lured in by Islamic jihadists, they probably would have found another bizarre or dangerous outlet or cult among the endless array of choices presented in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, they and a growing number of others like them were seduced by the message of jihad–suckered in by online sweet talk and a sense of belonging, then quickly radicalized. And there appears to be no shortage of fresh–and unlikely–converts to the cause.


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