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North Korea moves missile launchers, issues safety warning to foreign embassies

North Korea moves missile launchers, issues safety warning to foreign embassiesPublished April 05, 2013FoxNews.comQuestions surround North Koreas missile moveUS officials: North Korean missiles on the moveCurrent crisis with North Korea different than years… Read More

South Korea raises alert after hackers attack broadcasters, banks

South Korean authorities were investigating a hacking attack that brought down the servers of three broadcasters and two major banks on Wednesday, and the army raised its alert level due to concerns of North Korean involvement. Servers at television networks YTN, MBC and KBS were affected as well as Shinhan Bank and NongHyup Bank, two [...]

North Korea warns U.S. forces of destruction ahead of war drills

North Korea on Sunday warned the top U.S. military commander stationed in South Korea that his forces would “meet a miserable destruction” if they go ahead with scheduled military drills with South Korean troops, North Korean state media said.

Missing Nukes Fuel Terror Concern as Seoul Meeting Draws Near

The second global conference ever on nuclear material that has escaped state control is drawing President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Nuclear violators Iran and North Korea won’t be there.The legacy of the Soviet Union’s breakup, inadequate atomic stockpile controls and the proliferation of nuclear-fuel technology mean the world may be awash with [...]

Mullen – Threat from North Korea Rising

Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said during an informal question and answer session with troops in Iraq that \the danger from North Korea is rising and must be curbed because North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is “a very unpredictable guy”. “It’s changed out there, and it’s dangerous. Increasingly dangerous,” Mullen [...]

Conflict On The Korean Peninsula


Summary North Korea and South Korea exchanged artillery fire near their disputed border in the Yellow Sea/West Sea on Nov. 23. The incident raises several questions, not the least of which is whether Pyongyang is attempting to move the real “red line” for conventional weapons engagements, just as it has managed to move the limit [...]

Russian Diplomat Warns North and South Korea On Brink of War

In Moscow’s bleakest assessment of the situation on the Korean peninsula yet, Russian deputy foreign minister Alexei Borodavkin said tensions between the two countries were running at their highest and most dangerous level in a decade. “Tensions on the Korean Peninsula could not be any higher. The only next step is a conflict,” he told [...]

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Deterrence Against US

Several news agencies and wire services are reporting that North Korea has threatened to use what it calls “nuclear deterrence” against the United States and South Korea, if the two nations go ahead with scheduled naval maneuvers beginning Sunday in the Sea of Japan. North Korea’s official news agency said the nation’s army and people [...]

U.S. Spy Chief-nominee Warns of More North Korean Attacks

North Korea’s alleged sinking of a South Korean warship earlier this year may herald a “dangerous new period” of direct attacks by Pyongyang on the South, the retired general nominated to be President Barack Obama’s intelligence chief said on Tuesday. Read Full Article Related articles by Zemanta spy chief-nominee warns of more N.Korean attacks ( [...]

US May Send Carrier USS George Washington to Korea

Newsmax reports the U.S. is considering dispatching the massive aircraft carrier USS George Washington to the waters where North Korea allegedly sank a South Korean warship, defense officials said Wednesday. The deployment of the nuclear-powered carrier, one of the world's largest warships, would represent a major show of force by the U.S., which has vowed [...]

S. Korea On Alert As N. Korean Subs Disappear in East Sea

South Korea’s military was tracking four North Korean submarines which disappeared from their east coast base after conducting naval training in the East Sea earlier this week, a military official in Seoul said Wednesday. Locations of the North’s four 300-ton-class submarines have been unknown for two days, the military official said, noting, “We are tracking [...]

Obama to DoD – Prepare for North Korea Aggression

President Barack Obama has directed the U.S. military to coordinate with South Korea to “ensure readiness” and deter future aggression from North Korea, the White House said on Monday. The United States gave strong backing to plans by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak to punish North Korea for sinking one of its naval ships, White [...]

North Korea Warns of War If Punished for Ship Sinking

UPDATE: South Korea and the United States are considering upgrading the alert status on North Korea to the next level as tensions build up on findings the North sank one of the South’s naval ships, Yonhap news agency reported on Friday. Reuters Alertnet Tensions deepened Thursday on the Korean peninsula as South Korea accused North [...]

Human Torpedoes Sunk South Korean Warship – Report

The UK’s Telegraph reports that a South Korean warship was destroyed by an elite North Korean suicide squad of ‘human torpedoes’ on the express orders of the regime’s leader, Kim Jong-il. The story says the the attack on the 1,220-ton Cheonan, which sank on March 26 was in retaliation for a skirmish between warships of [...]

South Korean Ship Sinks, Torpedo By NK Possible

A South Korean naval ship with 104 on board was sinking today after a suspected torpedo attack by North Korea. The 1,500-ton vessel is going down near Baengnyeong island, with rescue crews fearing many sailors have died. In apparent retaliation, the South Korean navy shot at an unidentified ship in the direction of North Korea. [...]

South Korea Returns Fire From North Korea

South Korea has returned fire after North Korea shot several artillery rounds into waters near a disputed sea border with the South on Wednesday, Yonhap news agency reported an unnamed military source as saying. North Korea on Tuesday declared a no-sail zone in the waters off its west coast, according to media reports in the [...]

North Korea Thought To Have 13 Biological Weapons

As if the nuclear threat from North Korea is not bad enough for it’s neighbors,  The Straits Times is reporting that North Korea is thought to have up to 13 types of viruses and germs in their weapons arsenal which can be used in biological weapons, as well as up to 5,000 tons of chemical [...]

Military Source Warns of North Korea’s EMP Bomb

North Korea is developing a bomb that emits an electromagnetic field upon explosion and damages nearby electronic devices, a South Korean military source has revealed to the JoongAng Ilbo. The source said North Korea has been working on the electromagnetic pulse bomb, or EMP bomb, since the mid-1990s, with help from Russian scientists, adding that [...]

North Korea On Special Alert Over Military Drill

The top command of North Korea’s Korean People’s Army ordered all nationals and military forces Monday to be on “special alert” over a joint U.S.-South Korean military drill that began the same day, the official Korean Central News Agency said. Read Full Article Related Articles Ex-President Jimmy Carter Arrives in N. Korea ( North Korea [...]

Congressman Calls For Cyber Reprisals Against North Korea

A Republican congressman has urged the US to unleash a retaliatory cyber-attack against North Korea over DDoS attacks supposedly launched against US and South Korean websites. Congressman Peter Hoekstra of Michagan, the lead Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, urged President Obama to mount a “show of force” against North Korea over its alleged role [...]