Terror Chatter Increasing On The Internet

Potential terrorists are swapping tips and ways to beat security measures via the Internet and the spike in terror is “chatter” is cause for concern, reports Armen Keteyian in this CBS News report.

U.S. Intel Officials Seeing Spike in al Qaeda-Linked Internet Chatter Focused on Ways to Thwart Airport Security

CBS News has learned that U.S. Intelligence officials are seeing a marked increase in terror-related Internet chatter with a frightening focus: Jihadists bent on finding gaps in airport security – all linked to al Qaeda in Yemen, reports CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian.

On one radical website, a writer invites fellow members to post information on how to bypass airport screening.

Another member asks about explosive detection devices, writing: “We have that system in place in Algiers…does anyone know if it’s capable of detecting [the flammable gas] butane?”

On another Jihadist site, a visitor questions security involving 3D scanners at British airports asking: “Can I refuse [to pass through] for religious reasons?”

Before long comes this answer: “…advise those who wish to avoid the Heathrow scanners to take the train to Paris… and then board a plane from there.”

Perhaps most disturbing — the recent discovery of a confidential TSA document on a Yemeni Web site discussing the rules for searching passengers.

Terror Talk Growing Louder on the Web – CBS News.

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