Terror Suspect Says Bin Laden Is Healthy, Giving the Orders

The Hunt for Bin Laden

The Hunt for Bin Laden

Newsweek’s Declassified Blog says a new FBI terrorism case provides a rare nugget of intelligence about Osama bin Laden: the Al Qaeda leader is alive, well, and personally “giving the orders” for the terror group’s operations, according to comments made by an alleged American Al Qaeda operative on a secret bureau recording.

The bureau’s case against the alleged operative, a Chicago cab driver named Raja Lharsib Khan, has so far gotten little attention. This is likely because there is no evidence that the cabbie’s alleged discussions about blowing up an American stadium with remote-control bombs this summer (secretly recorded by the FBI) had progressed beyond the talking stage. But contained in court documents made public shortly after Khan’s arrest on terrorism charges last Friday were some unexpected revelations about Al Qaeda’s No. 1 leader.

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