Terrorism novel speculates on America’s preparedness for potential terror strike

Author Dale Lowther, who characterizes terrorism as violent chaos created by terrorists and sovereign state belligerents to breakdown our society, national infrastructure, financial status and military capability, approaches the subject as a fictional thriller, “Near Side of the Precipice”, which takes place over nine days.

Readers join Seattle-based FBI Agent-in-Charge Kate Seaman as she stops at nothing to save America from a secretive group of domestic terrorists bent on a large scale nationwide attack. Basim Hassan leads this group – known as Sixth Pillar – as they plan to bring Islam to America through the destruction of major cities like Los Angeles, Boston, New York and Washington, D.C. Basim, invested in his covert plan for 20 years, is offered help from a Chinese Muslim organization called the Taymullah, who are sympathetic to his jihadist methods to sabotage America’s infrastructure, government and military.

Basim plans to bring America to its knees with nuclear weapons from the Taymullah, who have infiltrated the Chinese military to access weapons of mass destruction, while the Sixth Pillar fails to realize the Taymullah is a front for the Chinese military until it is too late.

Between her chilling interrogations with two captured terrorists and the devastation in her hometown of Seattle, Agent Seaman is forced to use extraordinary methods to save her country from Hassan’s onslaught and get to the bottom of a conspiracy involving the Chinese military. Lowther’s thriller climaxes with a showdown between a damaged United States and powerful China that will test all established assumptions about a nuclear encounter with terrorists.

“My book exposes our contradictions in policy that weaken our counterterrorism abilities and our inability to secure our borders,” says Lowther. “For me, 9/11 was a warning sign for the future about complacency, the misguided emphasis on reducing our military and security resources and the increasing threats we face from radical elements in our world.”

“Near Side of the Precipice” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

via Terrorism novel speculates on America’s preparedness for potential strike.

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