Terrorists May Exploit Mexico Drug Cartels

Mexican drug cartels are strengthening and pose a risk that terrorists will exploit them to smuggle weapons of mass destruction across the U.S. border, according to a new report by Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Austin.

In his report, McCaul highlighted recent capture reports along the Mexican border that worry him: the discovery in South Texas’ Jim Hogg County of a jacket with patches depicting Arabic military badges, planes heading to a tower and the word “martyr,” the capture of a Hezbollah operative who bribed his way into Mexico and was smuggled across the border and the discovery of Iraqis in Brownsville this summer, among other detentions.

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CAFFERTY: And give them enough time and that’s probably what will happen. The report indicates Hezbollah members have already come here from Mexico, supporters of other Islamic radical groups like Hamas are currently active in Latin America. Not only are terrorists slipping into this country from Mexico but if they ever decide to smuggle in WMDs, well the drug cartels probably give them a hand for the right price and yet our government here in this country continues to do nothing.

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