The Botox Terror Connection Cause for Concern

The active ingredient in Botox could pose a grave national security threat if terrorists get hold of enough of the highly lethal toxin on the counterfeit market or figure out how to make it, two biological weapons experts warn.


… Botulinum neurotoxin, in its pure form, is ‘the deadliest substance known to science,’ according to Coleman and Zilinskas. It is grouped with the world’s most lethal potential biological weapons agents, sharing ’select agent’ status with the pathogens that cause smallpox, anthrax and plague. How potent is it? One gram could be lethal to 14,285 people if ingested, 1.25 million people if inhaled, and 8.3 million people if injected. The toxin particles block receptors on nerve endings, silencing the nerves and paralyzing surrounding muscles.

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Hat Tip – John Solomon  – InCaseofEmergencyBlog

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