Threat of Terrorists Crossing The Border – WSBTV Investigates

In the Arizona border town of Douglas Arizona, border patrol agents say it’s a 24/7 game of cat and mouse. They use cameras, night vision and underground sensors to track and catch illegal immigrants who jump the fence between Mexico and the United States.

Channel 2 Action News anchor Justin Farmer rode along with border patrol agents as they caught two men.

The agent said it’s the second time in four days he’s caught one of them.


The area is the busiest spot in the nation for border patrol. Records show last year, agents caught a quarter of million people trying to enter the U.S. in the Tucson sector alone. According to those documents, a lot are from Mexico or South America, but hundreds of them aren’t and are from nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Since January, border patrol agents say they have been on the lookout for 23 Somalis with ties to al-Qaida. Jailers released them from a Mexican prison and some law enforcement officials said they think they are headed for the U.S. border.

The U.S. government no longer releases a list of what they call “captured O.T.M.s”, which stands for “other than Mexicans”. Channel 2 Action News obtained it from a congressional staffer.

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