Three Men Questioned, Released in Incident Near Yeager Airport

The WV Gazette reports three men were released Tuesday after being questioned at Yeager Airport in West Virginia by FBI agents after they were found near one of the airport’s navigation aides.

“They were probably up just out there walking around and were not up to any intended mischief,” said Yeager Airport Director Rick Atkinson. “They got a warning and were told not to trespass on airport or FAA property and they were told that if they were up there again, they would be arrested for trespassing.”

The men are all related, all from Kanawha City and between the ages of 19 and 26.

A Coonskin Park policeman found the men, apparently of Middle Eastern descent, in the vicinity of one of the many airport navigation aides scattered around the park.


The park officer called Yeager Airport police. When the men saw the police, they took off running.

They were caught and questioned at the airport by the FBI, the federal Transportation Security Administration, the Charleston Police Department and the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department.


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