University Of Miami Alerts Students To Suspicious Man

The University of Miami issued an alert to students and faculty about a suspicious man who has been walking around campus.

The alert said: “A suspicious Caucasian male (5 feet, 10 inches, to 6 feet, 2 inches) has been coming into the offices on the third floor of the Wolfson Building and has been spotted in other buildings around campus.”

The alert said that the man is not a student and will not identify himself when asked.”He carries a large dark green bag with leather straps on his shoulder. He has a very thick accent that reportedly sounds Russian. When asked if he can be helped, he typically responds that he is looking to buy used books, but quickly leaves. He also is always on a cell phone, speaking in another language,” according to the alert.

College campuses across the country are on alert after a gunman killed five students, wounded at least 15 others, then killed himself at Northern Illinois University.

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