Weekend Surveillance Cut at NY Locations

In a surprising move, the New York Daily News reports that the MTA has removed weekend security details from the Queens Midtown Tunnel and the Verrazano Bridge.

No longer do MTA Bridges and Tunnels cops man booths at the tunnel exit or on the bridges two tower anchorages on Saturdays and Sundays.

Instead, the MTA says it has a high-tech surveillance system of cameras and monitors.

Security sources familiar with the bridge and tunnel say that is a mistake.

“What if a terrorist wants to do something?” said one source. “People walk in all the time – drunk, lost, homeless, cars going the wrong way,” the source said of the tunnels unguarded exit.

“God forbid someone walks in and wants to plant a bomb.”

There are still many cops at the toll plaza in Queens, but with no plaza in Manhattan, the tube carrying motorists from Queens has been unguarded since the summer, sources told The News.

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