What You Can (And Can’t) Carry Through TSA Checkpoints

A cannonball. Somebody was actually brilliant enough to pack an explosively-viable cannonball into their luggage. A cannonball.

In the annals of idiocy, few can beat what the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) finds daily in luggage. Chainsaws, grenades, grenade launchers, loaded guns, warheads, mortar and bazooka rounds, mines, eels (yes, eels) — and that’s only what has been found this year.

We have all probably had to give up shampoo or shaving cream at one point, and maybe a bottle of wine or a bag of candy. And the logic behind it is simple: Things that appear harmless may not be if a little ingenuity-plus-malevolence is used. Gasoline can look a lot like water, so this is why innocent-looking snow globes get yanked. Gelignite, AKA blasting gelatin, can be hidden in a toothpaste tube, so kiss your “Crest” good-bye.

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