White House North Lawn Closed – Suspicious Package

The White House North Lawn has finally reopened after more than two hours after a suspicious package thrown over the fence prompted the closure — and a huge response from four fire trucks and numerous Secret Service. In order to get back in, reporters were walked along a West Wing hallway near the Oval Office. We learned that the president has a lot of large photos of himself along the walls.

After the president’s short speech, reporters were forced to remain in the Grand Foyer for the last 10 minutes. No word on when we might be allowed to leave. Your correspondent took the time to do a brief radio interview — and later talked to WDET while walking back from lunch.

Earlier, the Secret Service forced reporters off the White Hosue driveway and into the press room over an suspicious package found near the White House fence. Some reporters were forced to go through another entrance into the building, while our trip into the Grand Foyer for the president’s speech on General Motors Corp.’s bankruptcy filing was delayed by 15 minutes.

Not clear what it is, but this typically happens over suspcious packages. The Secret Service also cleared pedestrians off the sidewalk in front of White House.

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