Would You Want al Qaeda In Your Backyard?

Interesting questions. Would you want Khalid Sheikh Mohammed living in your backyard? How about the accused mastermind of 9/11 and his four alleged cohorts spending their time just yards from your back door?

That, essentially, is what the residents of the New York City apartment building Chatham Towers face. Their 240 apartments are just yards from the Federal Courthouse in lower Manhattan where the Obama administration plans to try the terror suspects in civilian court. In fact, by my measurement, the corner of the courthouse at one point is a mere 30 feet from the corner of the apartment complex. The buildings are so close, you can look right into the windows of the courthouse “and see them eating lunch,” as one resident put it.

The people who live here are outraged at the White House decision and are urging the administration to move the trials.

“People’s lives are going to be altered, this is going to be a federal armed camp,” resident Jeanie Chin told Fox News. “I hope that President Obama will reconsider when he understands that densely packed residential buildings surround the court.”

Fox News visited a couple of apartments and we could clearly see the goings on inside the courthouse with the naked eye. The windows are so close, that we could view whom we presumed to be Assistant United States Attorneys going about their work on federal criminal cases, administrative assistants using the copying machine, and people working on their desktop computers and drinking coffee. We could also view lawyers and others in what appears to be a federal courtroom. At one point, people inside a courthouse office even waved back.

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