2 Arrested In Canceled Flight From Japan To Minneapolis

Two people have been arrested in a flight that was supposed to travel from Japan to Minneapolis Monday, according to Delta officials.

The plane was rerouted mid-flight and returned to Narita International Airport without incident, Delta said. The two people were taken into custody by law enforcement.

There has not been any information released on why the two people were arrested.

The flight was canceled for Monday and an extra flight was scheduled for Tuesday.

Hotel rooms were reserved for the delayed passengers.

Delta officials said the airline is cooperating with local law enforcement.

There were 386 passengers onboard the canceled flight.

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UPDATE: A Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400, registration N675NW performing flight DL-620 from Tokyo Narita (Japan) to Minneapolis,MN (USA) with 407 people on board, was enroute about one hour into the flight, when two male passengers were observed carrying a plastic bag containing some liquid into a lavatory raising concerns with the crew. The captain ordered the two passengers to be detained and decided to return to Tokyo for a safe landing. The passengers were taken into custody by Tokyo police.

Laboratory tests revealed the liquid was not dangerous at all identifying the liquid as urine.


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