Acid Bombs Dropped From Building Injure Shoppers In Hong Kong

Dozens of people in Hong Kong were hurt after two bottles containing an acidic liquid were dropped from a building into a busy commercial district.

The 750ml bottles containing an acidic and corrosive liquid exploded on impact causing injuries and burns to 46 people, some of whom had to be treated in hospital.

“After an initial investigation, we’ve determined two bottles containing a corrosive liquid were dropped from above,” said Leona Leung at the Hong Kong Police Department. “The matter is under investigation. So far nobody has been arrested.”

An unidentified man who witnessed the scene said people affected covered their eyes in pain. Other victims had holes in their clothing and backpacks, according to the South China Morning Post.

The incident happened on Saturday in a bustling shopping district on Kowloon, usually popular with tourists.

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