al Zawahiri – al Qaeda Number 2 Threatens More Attacks

Ayman al-Zawahiri, al Qeada’s second in command is back, once again threatening more terror attacks against the US and the West. In an audio eulogy for Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid, Zawahiri mentions the Times Square Attack and promises more to come.

According to a transcript provided by the “MEMRI”, the Middle East Media Research Institute, based in Washington, DC. al Zawahiri is quoted as saying,

“Oh American people…We offered you a peace plan, and mutual benefit; but your governments were proud and haughty, and so the attacks against you followed one after another, everywhere – from Indonesia to Times Square, by way of Madrid and London. And the attacks are ongoing, and more will come one after another.”

Read More- MEMRI – The Middle East Media Research Institute

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